DVD Format

Will these discs work in my player?

All DVD's listed in this "Australia" store are in the correct "PAL" format which is likely compatible with your DVD player. 

DVDs sold in our main store are in the "NTSC" format which is used in North America.

The Blu-Ray format can be viewed anywhere in the world, as long as you are using a Blu-Ray player.

Are all your programs offered in the PAL format?

Most of our series are available in the PAL format! However, starting in 2018 we have stopped producing PAL discs and have instead moved towards an online streaming platform which can be viewed anywhere in the world!  You can subscribe to the entire streaming site, or purchase titles individually. For more information for Word on Fire Digital, click here.

Are these all the programs you offer?

No, this site only houses product we house in our Sydney warehouse. If you're looking for another program, send us an email and we'll find the cheapest & quickest way to get you what you need. Just send us a message to international@wordonfire.org