The Priority of Christ: Toward a Postliberal Catholicism

by Robert Barron
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For a long time, Christians have tried to bridge the divide between Christianity and secular liberalism with philosophizing and theologizing. In The Priority of Christ, Bishop Robert Barron shows that the answer to this debate and the way to move forward lies in Jesus. 

Bishop Barron transcends the usual liberal/conservative or Protestant/Catholic divides with a post-liberal Catholicism that brings the focus back on Jesus as revealed in the New Testament narratives. Bishop Barron’s approach will be of interest to a broad audience including not only the academic community, but also preachers and general readers interested in entering the dialogue between Catholicism and post-liberalism.

“Catholic theology stands at a foundational moment, and in this extended meditation on the figure of Christ, Robert Barron boldly argues for a Catholicism that rethinks the controversy between modern and postmodern thought through such classic theological formulations as the controversy between Aquinas and Duns Scotus on the being of God.  Broad in reference and informed by the homilist’s touch, The Priority of Christ will be an important contribution to a conversation the Church must have."
--Richard A. Rosengarten, University of Chicago

Publisher: Baker Academic
Page Count: 352
ISBN: 9781540964847
Publication Date: June 2007