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St. Benedict Collection

St. Benedict Collection

St. Benedict

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The St. Benedict Collection is composed of the massively influential The Rule, written by St. Benedict himself, as well as the Life of St. Benedict written by St. Gregory the Great.

Each elegantly bound book includes a ribbon bookmark and a foreword and charcoal sketch of the book's author by Bishop Barron! You will not only enrich your life with these works, you'll be proud to display these gorgeous editions in your home or office.

Dig into the rich tradition of Catholic literature with this significant and influential book, one of the classics recommended by Bishop Barron. These titles have transformed cultures and have proven indispensable to those seeking to encounter God, as revealed in Jesus Christ through His Church.

"In many ways, St. Benedict of Nursia is the most pivotal of all the pivotal players, for perhaps more than anyone else, he contributed to saving Western culture. At a time when Roman order had collapsed and barbarian invaders were picking through the rubble of a once great civilization, Benedict founded the religious community that would, in time, preserve the best of the old and allow for the emergence of a particularly Christian way of life." -Bishop Barron

Author: St. Benedict
Edited by: Brandon Vogt
Publisher: Word on Fire Classics
ISBN: 9781943243389
Binding: Hardcover
Page count: 164
Dimensions: 6 x 9
Language: English
Release date: 2017-11-01
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